Volunteer Host Family

Volunteer volunteering host family is a house in which volunteer resides as well as the people whom volunteer stays with while during a volunteer program.

The volunteer volunteering host family is in two folds. Home stay or Host family is where individual/family volunteers stay with a member of the community. It serves as the most immediate physical and social environment in which the volunteer feels at home. The volunteer volunteering host family is near as possible to the volunteer volunteering work place.

House/camp stay hosting of volunteers is when group of volunteers come to volunteer on our volunteer projects or specially designed volunteer opportunity. Group volunteers are housed together and are provided with a cook. However camp volunteers will equally interact with locals to enhance integration culture learning.

Facilities in the Volunteer Home/House

The volunteer volunteering is provided with a room, electricity, potable water and provides volunteer with three meals daily; breakfast, lunch, supper. The food consumption is based on well cooked nourishing balance local and international dishes. Vegetarians and other specific or peculiar nutritional needs of volunteers are equally addressed.

How the volunteer volunteering host family selected

The volunteer volunteering host family is selected based on modern and well equipped house, high level of integrity and honesty, high level of hospitality. After the judicious selection and screening of the volunteer volunteering host family, the host families are resourced, trained on how to handle, deal and cater properly for the volunteer volunteering. Closeness to volunteer project site or work place is also taken to consideration.

Importance of host family/locals to the volunteer volunteering

Volunteer host family is very rewarding since it gives the volunteer volunteering the opportunities to know African Ghanaian people and their culture, serves as a good medium to learn how to prepare local dishes and also to learn how to speak local language and finally help the volunteer to immerse in the Ghanaian society since he/she has the people around to talk, crack jokes, share ideas with at the end the volunteer does not feel as a stranger but at home giving the volunteer the peace of mind to volunteer in freedom.