“The Rural Employment Project”




Origin of African Ghana Fabric Kente:

African Ghana fabric Kente is an indigenous fabric originated after a critical look was taken on how the spider makes its web and how beautiful the web finally looked once completed. People from Agotime (the Volta region of the country) used this procedure to produce clothing, fabrics, and cloths. In the beginning, the clothes came in only white color, but over time many other colors were added making the fabric looks more attractive. Indeed, Kente is an expression of Africa, but more particularly, Ghanaian culture!

Uses of African Ghana fabric Kente:African Ghana fabric Kente is used for many purposes, more so than any other kind of cloth. For instance, it is used to make scarves for women, smocks, handkerchiefs, jumpers, jackets, caps, and any other kind of clothing. In Ghana, dignitaries, including traditional leaders, members of parliament, and even the President, use it! The Vice President of Ghana has even advised Ghanaians to dress in Kente every Friday to show appreciation to their Ghanaian culture, even within formal working environments! This is showing respect to Kente as a form of employment for the people of Ghana, in particular, its youth. The cloth is also used as a medium of celebrating festivals by the people of Kpetoe in the Volta region of Ghana.


 Problems with African Ghana fabric Kente:For some time now it has become very difficult to acquire the raw materials (thread) due to unavailability of finances in many rural areas. As well, proper working facilities are not available. This threatens the economic development of this sector.


 Projects involving the African Ghana fabric Kente:VARAS, with its first aim of ameliorating rural areas (where the Kente is mostly woven), wants to structure the weaving of Kente, to ease access to the thread, and also provide a decent work place for the weavers. This will help provide employment for the youth which will help improve their living conditions. An appeal is being made to everybody to help support this project by donating funds, giving of grants and possibly coming to witness the whole process hence helping to market the fabric. Click to see estimates to build Kente Center


Benefits Associated with Volunteering on the African Ghana fabric Kente Project:Volunteers will acquire skills and also take the finished cloth products with them. They are encouraged to sell the products in Ghana or else where as long as the profits are used to support further rural development projects (ex: construction of classroom blocks, bore holes, and providing of health care materials) managed by VARAS.
Requirements for Volunteering on the African Ghana fabric Kente Project
Volunteer working on African Ghana fabric kente project is required to raise funds to support the industry.

Activities of volunteer volunteering on the African Ghana fabric Kente Project

Volunteer volunteering on the African Ghana fabric Kente engages in the weaving process. Watch the African fabric Kente video process below:


 Typical Day Volunteering on the African Ghana fabric Kente abroad overseas Ghana Project:

7:00am Break fast. Departure to project site12:00pm Lunch. 4:00pm. End of days volunteer activities. 6:00pm Supper. Note that the above is tentative.Volunteer does not work on Saturdays and Sundays. This gives the volunteer the opportunities to visit near by attractive tourist sites. PURCHASE KENTE HERE!

Accommodations for volunteer volunteering on the African Ghana fabric kente project abroad overseas Ghana: