To ameliorate rural areas through the provision of quality, sustainable local and international volunteer programs and opportunities.


The vision of VARAS is to bridge the yawning developmental gap between rural areas and urban center in Ghana, Africa.

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The safety of our volunteers is our # 1 priority. Our slogan is <<If it cannot be done safely, then we will not do it>> VARAS TEAM lives this principle and all decision of VARAS are function of volunteer safety.

Our volunteer programs will be of the highest quality but remain very cheap

Our international volunteers work side by side with the local population to ensure the sustainability of our projects.

Honesty, Transparency and Service are the core values of VARAS.


VARAS offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities/work that the volunteer  can participate on. Some of these volunteer programmes are internship in ghana, teaching in ghana, family volunteer in ghana, medical/health  volunteer  program in ghana, outreach volunteer work, volunteer teach french, orphanage volunteer in ghana, human right volunteer in ghana,  gap year programs ghana, gap year programs abroad, construction/infrastructure volunteer projects, school building projects, volunteer abroad summer work, group/camp volunteer program, human right volunteer, environment  volunteer work, agriculture volunteer opportunity/work, HIV/AIDS volunteer work abroad, Christian outreach volunteer, Culture volunteering in Ghana, Youth volunteer abroad, volunteer  Kente weaving in Ghana, Local fabric, Kente store. We offer cheap volunteer abroad programs ghana that directly ameliorate the lives of rural folks. Take a tour on our site for more information. Note that VARAS equally partner with volunteers/international organizations abroad to design and implement volunteer desired projects/programs.