Orphanage Project


Be part of this life changing dream come true experience. Help build an orphanage for orphans and deprived children of rural Ghana-West Africa.

The total fund needed to complete the project is US 250,750 Fund raised so far US 400 (updated 24th  April, 2013)

Donate in cash or kind, raise funds, and spread the word. Be part and leave an indelible mark on humanity. There is no greater joy and fulfillment than seeing children-especially less privileged ones-growing up and becoming responsible adults.Have your name written on the wall of this orphanage and also on the heart of this deprived kids.

Kofi is 12 years old and lives in Bame a small village in southern Ghana with his grandmother. He puts on his torn khaki short given to him by his elder brother. He is walking bare footed to the village primary school. He is in primary four. Kofi has not eaten anything this morning. His grandmother told him to come home at 3pm for his unique meal of the day. You will be amazed how hopeful Kofi looks this morning despite all the above.

When asked about his ambition in life, Kofi respond “I want to become a medical doctor”. In our quest to find out what motivates him, this is what Kofi has to respond “I like caring for people when they are not feeling well. I always get herbal medicine for my grandmother when she is sick.” And for kofi to add and also for the memory of my mum and dad who always wanted me to become a medical doctor’’. All we could do was to express our condolence to him, but he quickly respond “No problem, I am very sad when I remember them. I will fight to lift high their memories’’.

We were told by Kofi’s teachers that he is very brilliant and his friends also told us that he has good rapport with everyone and also that he is a very good football (soccer) player. We learnt later that Kofi’s parents died in a fatal road accident.Looking at kofi’s current circumstances, especially with the fact that only his grandmother takes care of him it is obvious that Kofi might not achieved his dream mainly because of financial constraints.

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 Akosua was playing Ampe (local game) with her friends during break on the Saviefe L/A primary school compound. We earlier spoke to her mother who narrated the hardship the family is passing through and how difficult it is to make ends meet. We asked Akosua whether she has taken her lunch, she respond that her mother didn’t give her money for lunch and that she has just drank water to sustain her.

We wanted to find out from Akosuah why is she still going to school despite all the difficulties. With a perplex look and after  waiting for about four minutes Akosua said “I want to become a teacher, like my class teacher and take care of my mother and family.’’After school she will roam the village with tray on her head selling tomatoes and pepper, Akosua revealed to us later. The proceeds from her selling is what sustain the family.

Akosua’s class teacher, madam Elizabeth Salan told us that Akosuah is very intelligent and also one of the well behaved students of her class. Her mother confides to us that, she doesn’t see how possible in the midst of all the hardship they are facing, she can cater for Akosuah up to the university level so she is contemplating the idea of sending her to learn tailoring after her primary education. Probably that is where Akosuah will end her education preventing her to fulfilling her dream through no fault of hers. Her father passed away and the mother has to fence for the family of four all alone with her petty farm.

James is 16 years old . We met him this early Thursday morning on his way to farm. With his hoe and cutlass he was enjoying himself with one of his favourite song. We quizzed him to know why he didn’t go to school. This is what James has to say ‘ I completed Agotime secondary school last two years. I had aggregate 9. I studied Business. I planned to continue my education at the university level and study accounting. But due to financial constraint I could not. It might interest you to know that I financed my education myself since the junior high school, through my farming activities. But now since the university is very far from my Hometown, I cannot combine farming and schooling. So what I am doing now is to farm for four years with the hope to gather enough money to pursue my university education. Where there is hope, there is life. I know I will make it’. We were later informed that James parents are peasant farmers who are very poor and are literary unable to finance his education.

These are just three out of millions in Ghana especially rural Ghana, where dreams and aspirations of the children are frustrated because of death of one’s parent or extreme poverty. These deprived, underprivileged, unfortunate children are denied access to quality education and healthcare.

Volunteers for Amelioration of Rural Areas(VARAS) with its ultimate vision of bridging the gap between the poor and the rich is therefore motivated not to say compelled by all the above to set up a children’s home.

Our purpose is to give hope to these deprived orphans and poor children,with the firm conviction that when these children become successful, they will contribute their quota to the development of their Hometown and to Ghana and the world at large .For the small story, note that Ghana has produced a UN Secretary General and international peace broker in the person Busumuru Kofi Anan.

volunteer in Ghana orphanage

                                                     volunteer in Ghana orphanage


VARAS, as a charity volunteer organization has left no stone unturned in its quest to help improve the living conditions of the rural poor, less privileged and orphans in society. It is against this background and with the ultimate desire to contribute more meaningfully to the amelioration of rural areas that, we have decided to set up a children’s home.

This home which will enclose:

1) office
2) a school: sixteen (16) classroom blocks well furnished with kindergarten, washrooms, computer 
centre, library, guidance and counseling centre (coaching), a playing ground.
3) well furnished five (5) bungalow for care takers.
4) two (2) dormitory each for boys and girls (children).
5) a well furnished and modernized clinic.
6) two (2) pickup and a land cruiser.

This will be a home for orphans as well as less privileged children of Ghana especially rural Ghana.

volunteer in Ghana orphanage           volunteer in Ghana orphanage


The orphanage shall be called “VARAS Children’s Home”

Vision of the Home

To become the children’s home par excellence in Ghana contributing to raising the leaders of tomorrow.

 Missions of the Home

1) To provide the children with the best home for their holistic growth.
2) To provide the children with quality formal education, non formal and develop 
their hidden potential.
3) To ensure access to quality healthcare for the children

Project Location

The Children Home will be situated in the Volta Region of Ghana precisely Volta North.

Materials Needed for Execution

Fund: The total estimation/target is US 250,750

Fund raised so far US 400 (updated 24th  April, 2013)

Note: Individuals or companies who wish their names should be written upon donation etc should alert us.

Volunteers: Volunteers serving manual laborers. That is helping to crack the stones, fetching of water, mixing cement, bricks lying, carpentry work etc.We also welcome engineers and expects to help carry out the project. We therefore welcome anyone (professionals and non professionals) on board.Donations: building materials, paints etc.We therefore look forward to partner with individuals, groups, churches, organizations, student groups, universities, companies, etc to complete project.

Project Duration

It is our hope/expectation that by the year 2015, the project is completed.

The project will mainly be carried out each year from now (2012) in August and January only.

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