Our Story

Our Story

Volunteers for Amelioration of Rural Areas (VARAS) is born out our quest to find sustainable solutions to problems like poor  healthcare delivery, poor educational services, inaccessibility to potable water, ignorance of human rights, unemployment, improper management of the environment amongst other facing rural Ghana, Africa and our belief that local and international volunteerism where rural people work alongside international volunteers, a sustainable solution can be found to these problems.

Volunteers for Amelioration of Rural Areas (VARAS) is registered with the Registrar General Department in the Republic of Ghana under the companies’ code 1963 with registration number G-21, 982.

Achievement Since 2010

With the enormous contribution of our volunteers both local and international the achieved the following


i.Teaching in rural community ( Dzolopuita, Agotime Vedome etc) schools

ii. Donated educational materials ( pens, pencils, story book etc) to rural community schools

iii. Gave motivational/inspirational talks to Senior High Schools ( Akome Senior High School, Saviefe Senior High School etc) students

iv. Donated computers and it accessories to rural community schools (Hlefi Primary etc)

v. Started three classroom blocks at Agotime Vedome primary school and still counting


i. Delivering health care at Ho regional hospital, district hospital, Hlefi health center etc

ii. Donated medical equipments/tools to Kpetoe health center, Dzolopuita health center

iii. Carried out public health talks about HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, syphilis to senior High Schools, rural community folks at Dzolopuita, Kpetoe etc

iv. Carried out mobile clinic at Dzolopuita and Kpetoe and still counting


i. Educated rural folks about good environmental practices at Agorve

ii. Did trees planting at Agorve, Dzolopuita etc


i. Teaching, washing, feeding etc at the orphanage

ii. Donated assorted items to the orphanage

iii. Cleared the land for sporting activities for the orphans

iv. Counseling, coaching the orphans


i. Building of three classroom blocks at Agotime Vedome primary school and still counting

ii.Built washroom and urinal at Hlefi R.C primary school

Human Right:

i. Sensitized rural community folks about human right