Women Empowerment


Rural Enterprise projects is aim to provide rural employment opportunities to rural communities folks especially to women with the sole objective to eradicate poverty. The project will focus on developing the socio-cultural local work associated in the community. This will foster and enhance the sustainability of the projects.

“If you education a man, you educate one person but if you educate a woman, you educate the nation.”

Women Empowerment projects is aim to empower the rural woman to be self sufficient and reliance. We believe that the best and suitable way to break the circle of poverty is to have at least one working woman in the family. VARAS therefore aim to offer rural women the opportunity to undergo a skill training program to enable them start a meaningful business.


Rural Women


a. We will target at least two young women from a family

b. Women who suffered from domestic violence

c. Adolescent girls who want to learn trade

The above will undergo the training.  After the training, a start up capital or equivalent in materials shall be given to the women to commence business. Follow up and other capacity building training workshop shall be done to monitor the progress of work.

In some cases the business will be a community base project.

Much attention shall be given to communities that have already existing local business.

Women Empowerment Projects/Enterprises

The business opportunities include

1. soap and bleach making (click here for more information)

2. animal rearing (click here for more information)

3. tailoring and dressmaking (click for more information)

4. kente weaving  (click for more information)

4. bead making (coming soon)

5. pig rearing (coming soon)




VARAS welcome  both local and international volunteers who would like to teach rural women new economic opportunities, organize capacity building etc. We also welcome and ready to  partners with organizations who work in this sector to enable this project strive.