Volunteer Program Fees

All fees are quoted in US DOLLARS.

All Volunteer program fees paid are non-refundable.

Program fees for Individual Volunteers


Volunteer volunteering for more than 3 months should contact VARAS for the estimation of the volunteer program fee.

Family Volunteering Program Fees


More than five (5) people volunteer on the family volunteering program should contact VARAS for the estimation of their family volunteer program fee

Program Fees for Group / Camp Volunteers



A group of more than 20 volunteers should contact VARAS for their volunteer program fee estimation.

The Volunteer/Family/Group or Camp volunteering program fee covers the following


Volunteer volunteering on a volunteer program in Ghana is host by the host family or stay in a volunteer house. Click here to read more on our host family.


This includes airport pick up and drop off of the volunteer. Group volunteers are provided with local transportation to and fro the volunteer house to the work site.


The volunteer is provided with three meals a day as well as filtered drinking water. Click here to read more on VARAS volunteer food preparation.

Project Development/Co-ordination

This includes volunteer placement and co-ordination

Administration Expenses/Registration

This contributes in taking care of all office work for the volunteer project execution and also of the day to day running of the organization.