Volunteer Tour


This international vacation/travel tour/eco-adventure volunteering program gives the opportunity to the volunteer to tour historic, educative, cultural and attractive tourist sites in Ghana while helping people in rural communities throughout the tour. This unique touring and volunteering opportunity seeks to satisfy the quest of participants for complete cultural immersion, putting a smile on the faces of the less privileged (e.g. spending a day with the orphans, teaching maths, English and science to rural kids etc… ) while undertaking an adventure tour.

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Below are some of the tourist sites visited by the volunteer on the eco-adventure travel/tour.

Paga Crocodile Pond

Paga is noted for its sacred pond, which is a sanctuary for crocodiles. The crocodiles are said to be totems for the people of Kassena, who reside in Paga and the surrounding communities. It is believed that each native of Paga has a corresponding crocodile representing each person’s soul. Local tradition has it that there have been actual instances when deaths of important personalities in the community coincided with that of some crocodiles. The reptiles are normally enticed out of the pond by the whistling of the caretaker and the brandishing of a fowl, which the crocodiles quickly snatch with their snouts. If you are courageous, you can sit on, or hold the beast’s tail for a good camera pose. The caretaker charges a fee for the fowl and basic interpretation.

Paga Crocodile Farm

Mole National Park

Mole has the widest range of wildlife in Ghana. You’ll see elephants, antelope, bushbucks, monkeys, warthogs, baboons and other smaller wildlife.It is rumored that lions exist in the park but even the wardens haven’t seen any traces for a few years. The last lion sighting in August 2004 was immediately followed by serious poaching incident resulting in the capture and killing of a male lion the following day.

Elephant At Mole National Park

Wli Water Falls

Wli, Ghana? Is the highest waterfall is great in any ways and has a bright future ahead. First to admire is the sheer grandeur of the fall itself; the spectacular white water of the Agumatsa River thundering about 60 meters down steep cliffs into a large pool below.Second are the massive mountain formations comprising of soaring peaks and rock walls which are part of the Akwapim-Togo Mountains.Another attraction about Wli is the luxurious forest environment currently designated as the Agumatsa wildlife sanctuary. Accessibility is another advantage for Wli. Volunteer don’t have to climb any hills or descend steep valleys to get to the foot of this awesome geological monument.

Cape Coast Castle

is a fortification in Ghana built by Swedish traders. The first timber construction on the site was erected in 1653 for the Swedish Africa Company and named Carolusborg after King Charles X of Sweden. It was later rebuilt in stone.In April 1663 the whole Swedish Gold Coast was seized by the Danes, and integrated in the Danish Gold Coast. In 1664 the Castle was conquered by the British and was extensively rebuilt by the Committee of Merchants (whose Governors administered the entire British colony) in the late 18th century. In 1844, it became the seat of the colonial Government of the British Gold Coast.

Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park protects plant and animal treasures of the African tropical forest and is a haven for the casual visitor, birdwatcher, amateur botanist and ecotourist alike. Thirty kilometers north of Cape Coast via a paved road, you will find rare plant species in a spectacular environment where some trees reach heights of over fifty meters. After viewing the exhibits at the Visitor’s Center, the drama of the jungle comes alive as park guides provide insight into this complex ecosystem.

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