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School Projects

For effective teaching and learning to take place, descent and safe classroom block, library, washroom must be available. Unfortunately, these necessary facilities are lacking in rural communities. Join us make learning easy, contact us on how you can contribute to this change. 

School Building


A conducive classroom is key to the learning process.  Join us build a descent classroom in rural communities. 

Washroom Building


Help us provide a safe environment for learners. Learners no longer need to miss classes due to lack of washrooms

Library Building


Speaking, Reading and Writing are  challenges in basic school in rural communities. Lets build a library to avert this.

Computer Center

computer project

In this era of scientific research, majority  of learners in rural community school have not physically seen a computer mouse. Unfortunately, they write the same exams with learners  in the city. Join us to change it.


School Supplies


Teaching without teaching aids is like treating a patient without medicine. Learning materials enhance learners understanding of about 60% during teaching. 

Join us provide these supplies.

Learner Gears


Footwear, uniform, school bag play integral part in learners concentration in and outside the classroom. 

Join us provide these basic needs to enable the learner see learning as fun.