Volunteer and Intern in Ghana, Summer 2020

 Do you plan of traveling abroad this summer? Do you plan of engaging in a meaningful sustainable community project and programme that supports young women, promote quality education and health care in a developing country? Do you desire to stay among locals while offering your voluntary service and learning the culture? Are you looking for flexible programmes that gives you the opportunity to visit tourist sites?

Look no further! Volunteer this summer with VARAS, a rural based charity nonprofit volunteer organization in Ghana.

With over twelve years of experience, VARAS offers multiple volunteer programmes, optional placement of international volunteers and interns, giving them first-hand experience. 

Participating on our community projects are absolutely free and there are no hidden charges. What you do not pay for are administrative cost, registration, accommodation (home stay), orientation, project management and coordination. 

What you only pay for is your food, transportation (pickup and drop-off and to project site), and utility and these are not fixed but done in agreement with host family, you and VARAS.

Programme and Projects

Apprenticeship and Production Programme – Volta Region, Ghana

This project aims to give employable skills to young women who have dropped out of school due to poverty, teenage pregnancy, disease, domestic violence, physical disability and those who wish to learn a vocation. These apprentices are taken through varied vocations but mainly sewing and dressmaking. 10 to 15 women are train for a period of one and a half year of which they shall be given a sewing machines to commence business or employed in the Production centre. The goal is to train and create jobs so these women can live a dignify life and to be able to care for their families and to break the vicious cycle of poverty in the short and long term. Read more about the Apprenticeship and Production Programme. 

Activities of the volunteer on the ground will include

· Construction of the Production Centre (mixing mortar, laying blocks, fetching sand, fetching water, plumbing work, carpentry work.)

· Training sewing skills and fashion design

· Teaching basic English Language


Medical Internship and Public Health Sensitization – Volta Region, Ghana

Quality health care delivery in rural communities in Ghana has always been a challenge. This is due to inadequate supply of personnel, inadequate health care delivery materials, and the lack of funds in the implementation government’s public health programmes. Most of the challenges are mainly seen in rural communities which constitute more than 60% of the Ghanaians population. To avert this and under our Health for All Programme, we aim to bring health care to the door step of communities. VARAS in partnership with local clinics, and under the direction and assistance of a physicians and nurses, volunteers shall

· visit local schools to educate students about personal hygiene, sexually transmitted infections, girls health/care

· visit local religious gatherings to educate members and parishioners about personal hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases

· through public engagement, home visit and public address system educate communities on environmental sanitation, cleanliness etc

Volunteers who wish to intern in a teaching hospital to job shadow physicians should contact us for placement.  


After School Enrichment Classes - Volta Region, Ghana

It has been established that, about 40% of content are not taught every academic year due to inadequate pupils’ textbooks, teachings resources and inadequate teachers. This affects the performances of the pupils in their final exams. Some of the students end up dropping out and some couldn’t continue their education. 

The after school enrichment programme is design to give opportunity to students to be re taught especially challenging topics and  to cover up lacking subjects and topics. 

Volunteers shall be place in a community school. Curricular will be provided. Subjects to teach include, creative art, mathematics, sciences, physical education, English language and French. 

Remember you are not required to be a professional teacher before volunteering on this project.


Programme and Project Duration

Each volunteer shall serve for a period of one to two weeks on a project. Volunteer who wishes to stay longer are to contact us for arrangement to be made. Also you can participate on all three projects.

The project shall start in August 2020. Volunteer who wishes to come earlier should contact us for arrangement. We highly advice and welcome group trips.

Other Side Activities

Volunteer volunteering on any of the above project shall have the opportunity to visit the Missahoe Orphanage in Kpando.



VARAS’ summer volunteer programmes are absolutely FREE with no hidden charges. We do not charge accommodation, project management, administrative cost and orientation. What the volunteer pays for is food, utility and transportation (airport pick up and drop off). 

Volunteers stay with a host family and VARAS arranges with the host family and volunteer on food preparation and payment of utility bill as and when the bills come. But we do advice volunteer prepares to pay between US$84.00 to US$120.00 for food, US$8.00 to US$15.00 for utility and US$70.00 to US$150.00 for transportation.

Please note: We do require from participants raise funds to support the project they are volunteering on and also requested to donate some money to support our work.

Volunteer to do list

1. Acquire passport and travel ticket

2. Visa (VARAS shall send you attestation letter to enable you secure your visa at the Ghana Consulate in your country)

3. Malaria shot or pills (See your travel doctor for more information)

4. Vaccinations (See your travel doctor for more information)