Bridging the developmental gap... Making a great difference.


Through the interventions and the collaborative effort of our local and international volunteers, partners and communities, we continue to chalk a lot of successes in the projects and the programmes we do. 

                                                              Community Chiefs and Elders

"You have brought change to our village, a change we never expected. Thank you very much." ~ Vedome Chief, Togbui Kokou

                                                         Local and International Volunteers 

 “With a little time to settle in VARAS will provide you with a home away from home.”

~Charlotte Cossey~ UK


“Working for VARAS has been a great experience. When I worked in the hospital I gained a lot of knowledge and experience. The organizers are great and always willing to help us. The village in which we lived was very welcoming and the people were all very nice to the volunteers. The programme as a whole is very safe and well organized. Ghana is a great country to travel around in.”~David Corcos- Canada

                                                                Health  Programme

“VARAS brought my smile back after 8 years of helpless fight. I thank the almighty God for bringing VARAS to my rescue and may He continue to bless them.” ~ Charity Adanuvor~

 "I pray everyday that help come my way so I can be corrected and look normal as any others. Every second of my life is a hopeful second and I know one day, I will be among others evangelising." ~Esinam Amedzo~

                                                             Education Programme

 "It became so clear to me..., I had to admit my future aspirations are thwarted after missing two terms in school due to non payment of tuition fees. But now, my hopes are back, am grateful." ~ Rosalinda Kpeli~

                                                       Local and International Partners

"We love working with VARAS at Photographers Without Borders! Thank you for the wonderful work you do!" Founder, ~Danielle khan Da Silva~

I began working with VARAS in 2012 in areas of Medicine, Education, and Public health with 100% successful internship of our 15 students. VARAS is lead by a group of genuinely dedicated people with a passion to help. I look forward to our upcoming work together again. BGI International. MSR International 2009-2014." Vice President, Elnaz Balashi~

“I am very grateful for your support to Ms. Charity Adanuvor who was operated upon by your organization due to a tumour. She has been fit ever since her arrival from Guinea. We hope to count on you again.” ~ Mizpah Damalie, In-Charge and Midwife, Hlefi Health Center