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Volunteer in Ghana

Welcome! VARAS is a registered non profit, N.G.O. operating in Ghana.

"Love cannot remain by itself – it has no meaning.Love has to be put into action,and that action is service."  Mother Teresa 

About Us

VARAS is a charity non-profit volunteer organization born out of our quest to find sustainable solutions to perennial economic and social challenges where rural folks work alongside international volunteers, a sustainable solution can be found.  Read More

Our Mission

Sustainable development  can only come from within and at VARAS, we have identified  four pillars which serves as our mission, namely; Education, Health, Women Empowerment and Rural Enterprise, as been the  ways to develop a person and a community. Read More

Why Volunteer?

1. The usual approach of cast in stone  volunteer programmes and projects from which the volunteer volunteering or intern has to select from may not meet the aspiration of all.., 

2.  Our volunteer and intern placement is completely free ...  Read More


 “My experience with VARAS is one that I will never forget. At first it was really hard to adjust but once I did, I started to have an amazing experience. I feel like I will be leaving what I have come to know as my second ...”~Kelsy Sackrey, USA  Read More

Success Stories

We  say a very big thank you to our partners, groups, volunteers, interns,  donors known and unknown. Because of your help and support, we have been able to bring sustainable change to the doorstep of individuals and  rural communities we serve.  Read More

FAQs and Policy

Have questions? Learn all about  your stay before, during and after.

Our safety rules and  policies are frequently updated  to make your stay very comfortable and safe. The safety of our participant and volunteer is our no. 1 priority.  Read More

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Charity's Smile

Charity's health

“I’m looking forward to being welcomed back. The people who had negative thoughts about me will be surprised-they will see that there’s nothing wrong with me, that it’s all been taken...” Read More

Esinam's sad Journey

Esinam's healing

"I pray everyday that help come my way so I can be corrected and look normal as others. Every second of my life is a hopeful second and I know one day, I will be among others  evangelizing." Read More

Going back to School

Rosalinda is back to school

"It became so clear to me..., I had to admit my future aspirations are thwarted after missing two terms in school due to non payment of tuition fees. But now, my hopes are back, am grateful." Read More

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