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Why Volunteer with VARAS?

  • VARAS is an  international charity non-profit organization that provides volunteer and internship opportunities, short and long term abroad programmes in Ghana, Africa.
  • VARAS volunteer and internship placement is completely free. VARAS do not charge for project management or coordination, orientation, and administrative costs and there are no hidden charges. Accommodation is absolutely free depending on the host community and the type of project. But we assist to arrange for food, accommodation and transportation for the smooth running of our the program and for the safety of our participants.
  •  Also since we are non-profit, we request from potential volunteers and partners to assist us in any way possible to enable us continue serving them and the communities we hope to ameliorate. You are therefore advised to raise funds in support of our projects.
  • VARAS which carries its activities mainly in rural areas under its poverty reduction oriented programmes  give the volunteer or participant the unique opportunities to contribute immensely towards improving the living conditions of the rural poor.
  • Also VARAS gives a special and particular attention to each volunteer volunteering on our programmes and projects. Hence in order to provide a satisfying experience to the volunteer or anyone who decides to travel abroad especially to Ghana, VARAS has put together unique opportunities where the volunteer or the person who takes a trip abroad can take absolute control and customize their vacations and trips.
  • The usual approach of cast in stone programmes and projects from which the volunteer or participant has to select from may not meet the aspiration of all. The active participation  in the design of the volunteering experience abroad will ultimately bring a meaningful satisfaction and fulfillment to the volunteer. The volunteer’s desire to put smile on the faces of others, contribute towards the improvement of  the rural poor is paramount and serve as one of the bedrock when designing our projects.
  • Furthermore, the safety of the volunteer is our number one priority. From the first day of your arrival  in Ghana, your pick-up at the Kotoka International Airport, Accra, till the day of your departure, we guarantee and provide a consistent and efficient in-country staff-volunteer/participant support.

So whether you are:

* high school student in search of gap year programmes abroad in Africa, 

* a college student wanting to spend the summer or winter break exploring the world and volunteering abroad in Africa,

* an intern looking for an internship position,

*  a tourist who desires to combine their vacations abroad with volunteer projects,

*  a philanthropist looking for volunteer abroad programs,

*  a professional seeking to contribute his skills through volunteer opportunities while on vacations abroad,

*  a family looking to integrate volunteer work and holidays abroad, 

* friends or a group of people wanting to travel abroad, meet people, explore the world and engage in volunteer work, 

* you are someone tired of the routine of life and you desire to travel abroad in order to try something new or you just want to travel abroad, meet people and explore the other perspectives in the world; 

* an individual or international organization looking forward to learning new culture and an indigenous way of life abroad as well as stay with a local family;

then look no further.  Our role will be to listen to you and help you come out with programmes, projects and travel itinerary that meet your needs and aspirations.

Why Volunteer in Ghana

Ghana is undoubtedly the best place to be on the planet earth. In fact it is the center of the World and it is accepted that it is the center that holds all other things together. The Ghanaian people are some of the most welcoming and fabulous people you will ever meet. Ghanaian hospitality is second to none in the world. The volunteer will go back amazed and never forgetting their experience in Ghana.

The Ghanaian culture is diverse and very rich. There are more than 50 local dialects. Is that not amazing??? Come to Ghana and discover it for yourself and you will be an eternal witness for that. Come and immerse yourself in this incredible culture and go back challenged and refreshed.

Another fascinating thing about the country Ghana, is its breathtaking natural landscape. It is very beautiful. In fact it is nothing short of being MARVELOUS!!! It is so green and so fresh. In Ghana you will come across the highest waterfall in West Africa and some of the most incredible natural park in the world. You can’t wait to be part of a safari experience, explore the nice beaches and do some mountain hiking. Also the skies of Ghana with its bare stars are some of the things you can’t help to fall in love with.