COVID - 19 Response

Esenam Amedzo, is an 18 years old young woman from Adaklu in the Volta Region of Ghana. Ese, popularly called suffers from a benign tumour from birth. Due to her ill condition, she couldn’t pursue formal education and hardly go out or engage in any social activity due to discrimination and stigmatization. The only source of joy in her struggle, her grandmother and father died prematurely in the early days of her ordeal. Esenam lives her life daily praying and hoping change will come one day when she will follow her passion to evangelize.

We met Esenam in 2016 during one of our community visits and instantly, we could identify her since her tumour has grown big and can be seen from afar. After having met the family, learning about the background and discussed the possibility to remedy her condition.

Under our Health for All Programme (HAP) where we sponsor children who need specialist surgery but due to poverty, customs and traditional believes couldn’t. After careful examinations, tests and reviews, she had her first and second surgery in 2017 and 2018 respectively. She was scheduled to have her third surgery 2019 but due to medical reasons the surgery was postponed to 2020. 

But with the coming of Coronavirus, her surgeon who comes from United Kingdom to conduct her surgery is not able to due to international lockdown and protocols. 

Currently, we are unsure when all these uncertainties will come to a halt for Ese to have her surgery. In the midst of all this, Esenam is devastated and for the fact that her surgery will be postponed again to an unknown date. To her, she is faced with two fears, the first which has become part of her since birth is if she will ever come out without people pointing fingers and secondly if COVID - 19 will catch her or delay her surgery. 

During the celebration of mother’s day, we gave her a call and after talking with her, we came to one conclusion that is the disappointment and lost of hope. Esenam used to have suicidal thought when hope was lost before we came to her aid. To avert this from coming again, we have requested from our community and well-wishers to respond to this Call to Action by emailing words of encouragement and love. The intention is to compile a book full of well-wishers quotes and letters and present it to her. It is our hope that, this intervention will go a long way to put smile on her face as we wait patiently for her surgery. In addition, we request from our community to donate to support the compilation and the rest of the donation given to her family in this difficult time. No amount is small.

Watch the BBC interviews Esenam here and listen to her melodious voice as the sings in this interview 

Send Words of encouragement to Please include your name and country.  

Presentation  of the Book of Love to Esenam is schedule on the 10th of June.