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FAQs and Policy


At What Age can I Volunteer/Intern?

 You need to be at least 18 years old. Otherwise,
VARAS programmes are designed so group volunteers can come at any age!

How can I apply to volunteer/Intern?

Apply at least 6 weeks before your intended arrival so VARAS
adequately do the ground work for a smooth programme. 

What do I need to do before I volunteer/Intern?

* Volunteer/intern must visit the doctor for a yellow fever vaccine with a certificate and malaria pills.

* Volunteer/intern should bring a mosquito net to cover the bed or one can be bought as soon as you arrive.
*A visa is required to enter the country,  so VARAS shall send you letter of attestation and other relevant documents to enable you secure your visa. Select single entry on the visa application form.
* Both plug and voltage converters are necessary to run electronics successfully. (A dual watt converter set to 50W will safely run  electronics that require 110-120 volts.)

 * Come prepared for hot, humid weather and an often rugged
environment. Sturdy footwear is essential.

Do I have to pay before I come?

VARAS is strictly a non-profit organization. A volunteer/intern needs to pay before coming so arrangement can be made for their food, accommodation (tentative) and transportation (in and out the airport).

 Remember VARAS does not charge for any other fee apart from this two. But to enable us continue serving the public and you, we request you donate any amount to support our work. 

 Programme fees must be paid at least two weeks before your arrival. The fees paid are refundable if the volunteer decides to cancel his/her programme before arrival. But there will deductions due to bank charges and food arrangement etc.  Note that fees are not refundable as soon as you arrive in the country.  

Who will I stay with during my programme?

 Volunteer/intern  stays with a host family, allowing them to fully experience Ghanaian culture. Families undergo a thorough selection and interview process to ensure that all VARAS volunteers have a safe, positive experience. The host family is usually located within walking distance of the workplace, otherwise transportation will be arrange.
All host family homes have electricity; only some have running water.
Internet access will be available at local internet cafes and sometimes VARAS' office. Longer term
volunteers may consider purchasing a USB modem after they arrive. This allows them access internet anywhere. Individual volunteer/intern
 will be provided with their own  bedroom. Group
 volunteers/interns  may have to share a room with other group members in some

Is my host community safe?

Ghana for that matter your host community is extremely friendly, welcoming...! Come ready to learn  and try new things!  


Who stays with me during programme?

Individual volunteer/intern stays with their  their host family while group volunteers stay in a volunteer house with an executive/field officer of  VARAS  present.

After your Programme

VARAS hopes to maintain contact with our volunteers/interns so as to keep them updated about projects they have done and also harness other opportunities so we can continue ameliorating rural Ghana.

Our Policy on Safety

The safety of our volunteer/intern is our number one priority and since you volunteer/intern on our attestation, it is paramount to us that you are safe from the day of your arrival to the day you depart to your country. Therefore by volunteering/interning with VARAS, you have accepted go according our volunteer's/intern's safety rules and that you will make known in all terms and in full disclosure any other plans, intentions, actions before, and during your stay otherwise not part of your programme designed by VARAS to VARAS' executive at least one week and an prior approval or agreement reached before executed. Any breach to this policy during your programme will result  in immediate termination of your programme and a declaration will be sent to the Ghana's Foreign Ministry, visa authority absolving VARAS as your guarantors with responsibility while in Ghana.

Our Policy on Photography

By participating on our programme with, you have granted VARAS and each of its subsidiaries, affiliate, agents, advertising or promotional agencies, partners, and all such entities, officers, directors, agents, employees, respective successors and assigns (collectively, "Authorized Parties") the absolute and irrevocable right and permission to use, publish, broadcast, and /or copyright the use of your photos/videos taken during your programme with VARAS in its current form or as retouched, digitized, cropped, altered, distorted or modified in any way, in any advertising, promotional, or other materials based upon or derived from VARAS' activities in any manner, in any media whatsoever for any and all purposes, including by way of example but without limitation advertising , promoting or publicizing products and  services throughout the universe, in perpetuity, in any and all media  known or hereafter devised (including without limitation on the internet), without additional compensation. I further agree that anything derived therefrom will be owned solely by the authorized parties. I shall not authorize the use of any  print, negative, or other copy thereof by anyone other than the authorized parties.  

Our Policy on Host Family and Community

It is therefore necessary and important that the volunteer/intern go according to the norms, values and rules set by the host family and community which will be known during your orientation. Breach to any of the above will result to the immediate review of your programme and appropriate conclusion drawn.

Host communities are carefully selected on the following criteria ; proximity to project site, security/safety, hospitality, accommodation, customs and traditions.

It is therefore necessary and important that the volunteer/intern go according to the norms, values and rules set by the host family and community which will be known during your orientation. Breach to any of the above will result to the immediate review of your programme and appropriate conclusion drawn.

 Modesty is very important to maintain VARAS' reputation and  integrity within the communities we serve. Ladies should avoid low-cut, sleeveless  or excessively tight shirts, and pants or skirts that end above the  knee.  

Our Policy on Fees Paid

Fees (accommodation, food, transportation (in and out the airport)  must be paid at least two weeks before your arrival.  Cancellation of your programme less than one week before your arrival  will result in deductions or charges  made on your fees paid before the rest refunded. 

Should you decide to terminate your programme  after your arrival due to personal reasons or breach in any of our policies of which the board of VARAS decides to discontinue your programme, there will not be any refund except your transportation out to the airport.