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sustainable development goal 3

Mission 2

Health Programs

Access to quality health care is our second mission of alleviating poverty and to save lives. This programmes came about as a result of the fact that, quality health care delivery is a mirage largely in rural areas and the cost of health care in Ghana is becoming expensive every day. Despite the implementation of the health insurance scheme, the rural poor do not have access to quality health care due to lack of the facilities in  communities and the high cost involve to reach the nearest health post. 

The programme also offer the opportunity to medical students to intern in hospitals to learn at first hand health care delivery.

VARAS therefore hope to change this perennial problem by bringing health care to the door step of the rural poor through:

1. Health sensitization programmes

2. Rural mobile outreach/clinic

3. Donation of medical supplies to health centers and rehabilitation of dilapidated health centres


Note: You do not need to be a professional to participate in our health programmes

Summer Medical Internship Programme

Take advantage of our free volunteer/intern placement and join us this summer and winter break on our educate the youth program. Some of the itineraries include, education of career guidance, computing, healthy living, public health  etc. Join us! 

Medical Volunteer/Internship in Ghana

Our health programmes/internship is design mainly to raise the standard of health care delivery in Ghana while giving the opportunity to international volunteers/interns to learn at first hand and assist in the process of health care. This we hope to achieve through

1. Volunteer assisting local health workers deliver health care

2. Education of community members and students on diseases and virus such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Personal hygiene etc

3. International medical or science students intern to job shadow physicians in teaching, regional and district hospitals to learn at first hand health care delivery.

4. Conducting of research and survey to inform policy makers on health related issues in rural communities. 

5. Organize capacity building workshop for health workers

6. Organize mobile clinic exercise in rural communities

Typical day

7:00am:     Breakfast. Departure to work

12:00pm:  Lunch

4:00pm:    Close from work

6:00pm:    Supper


Health Programs in Ghana