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Kente Store

It is important to launch a proper online kente store/shop for people all over the world, who are interested in buying authentic Kente.  

The PURPOSE of this online store is 

1.   To supply and distribute authentic Kente  to potential buyers

2.   To create consistent, reliable and easy market for  Kente

3.   To revamp the local industry

4.   To create employment for the locals and weavers

5.   To keep the tradition 


1. Kente Strip

2. Kente Strip Signatured

3. Graduation Stole

4. Graduation Stole Signatured

5. Kente Cloth for Men

6. Kente Cloth for Women



Product name and Cost (USD)

Current Exchange Rate: USD1.00 equivalent GHC 5.00

Kente Strip

One pattern strip of Kente cost USD 8.00

Two patterns strip of Kente cost USD 10.00

Three patterns strip of Kente cost USD 12.00

Four or more patterns strip of Kente cost USD 15.00

Signature Kente strip and Graduation Stole  cost USD15.00 

Payment of Order

You can easily pay for your Kente fabric through our online PayPal account here

Posting a strip of Kente cost USD 8.00 But when we are posting more than one strip, the price reduces since we are putting all in an envelope.

Note that the size of Kente cloth you want depends on the number of strips sewed  together. So if you need Kente cloth to sew a dress, you need us know the number of strips you want. Also you can select a colour of your choice. 

Weaving a Kente strip will take a day and posting will take at least 2 weeks to deliver. So in all we are looking at about 18 days for you to have your fabric.