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Mission 4

Rural Enterprise

Rural Enterprise is our fourth mission to eradicate poverty. This mission seeks to  revamp traditional local industries  that are collapsing due to lack of funds inject and lack of access to local and international market. 

Our aim is to revamp these industries so as to keep tradition,  create employment hence provide resources so as to eradicate poverty.  Indigenous industries we are looking forward  to support are

1.  Kente Weaving

2.  Bead Making

3.  Basketry

Out of the above enterprises listed,  we  currently focus on Kente Weaving and Bead Making.  Read more about our Kente  and Bead projects below.




 Kente weaving has a long tradition with more than 400 years of history. The word “kente” derived from the expressions “ke” and “te” in the Ewe language, which mean spread/open (“ke”) and tighten/press (“te”). Read More

Weaving Techniques


This is the kente loom. For Ewe kente it is made out of wood. In small villages people often use the wood which is laying around to construct the loom.  This is the cheaper for them because they need less money to start... Read More 

Kente Weavers


As the Ewe people in Ghana are the ones who claim to be the first kente weavers, the Volta Region, especially around Agotime Kpetoe which is located 25 km east of Ho, is best known for their weavers. Ewe-kente is..  Read More 

Kente Weaving Project


The kente weaving project 2017 was conducted by VARAS and two German volunteers, Katharina and Leonie, who learned to weave kente during their two months stay at Akpokofe area.. Read More 



 VARAS, with its first aim of ameliorating rural  areas (where the Kente is mostly woven), wants to structure  the weaving of Kente, to ease access to the thread, and also provide a decent work place for the weavers... Read More 



You can buy Kente strip, clothes of any design online. After your order, it makes between one to six weeks for your order to  reach you. Take advantage today, wear an authentic Kente and contribute to rural dev...  Read More 

Kente weaving interview

Bead Making and Selling

Our aim on the bead project  is to create both local and international market for locally made beads. VARAS is in partnership with bead making associations and industries so as to facilitate the purchase of their product.

We mostly supply glass beads, bamboo beads and clay beads.

A bead costs USD 0.50. Below are sample of the beads we supply. Orders are accepted from 50 beads and above. Posting or shipping of the 50 beads will cost USD25.00. 


Payment of Order

You can easily pay for your bead through our online PayPal account here

We guarantee to deliver orders within 4 to 6 weeks.

Contact us for your bead bead today!


Glass bead


Glass bead


Glass bead